Supermarkets benefit from HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters in a number of different ways. By controlling the relative humidity and temperatures in Supermarket refrigeration equipment, we are able to maintain the freshness of perishables for longer and improve energy efficiency providing significant environmental and cost saving benefits.

The benefits Supermarkets and Grocers receive from the installation of HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters in their chillers and refrigerated cabinets include: 

Butchery & Seafood Departments:

  • Increases the shelf life of meat, poultry, and seafood products, sealing in their natural juices and maintaining better quality, weight and visual appearance.

  • Meats retain “bloom” better, discolouration is significantly reduced

  • Significantly reduces shrinkage/weight loss on average by 60%.

  • Eliminates meat sweating, drying and cracking.

  • Seafood stays firmer and fresher for longer.

  • Live Mussell Display – works to substantially reduce odours emitted from display cabinets.

  • The natural juices are sealed in meat providing significant labour savings:

  • reduces repackaging required in display cabinets, and

  • blood drip-loss in walk-in chillers

Produce Department:

  • Refrigerated fruit and vegetables will ripen at a slower, more controlled rate.

  • Freshness is retained in all types of produce for up to 50% longer, reducing wastage. Produce retains its freshness and crispness for significantly longer periods providing better quality, weight, and visual appearance for the consumer.

  • Humitech filters quickly absorb a significant portion of ethylene gas released from fruit and vegetables, drastically reducing premature deterioration.

  • Less time spent trimming, cleaning and replacing damaged fresh produce stock reducing lost/wasted labour time.

Food Safety:

  • Colder temperatures are consistently achieved

  • Substantially reduces odours, moisture and surface bacteria. Excess moisture is all but eliminated from chiller surfaces, significantly reducing the growth rate of mould and bacteria.

  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination from bacteria and the transfer of odours.

  • Keeps food fresher up to 12 hours after a power cut or chiller motor failure.

Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency:

  • Improves temperature management by lowering temperatures and reducing temperature fluctuations.

  • Improves energy efficiency, reducing chiller run-times by up to 16 hours per week and power consumption by up to 20%.

  • Reduces compressor re-cycle rates by up to 50%

  • Reduces icing on compressor coils and enables defrost cycles to be reduced by up to 50%.

Chiller Maintenance:

  • Reduces equipment stress proving savings in maintenance costs and increasing equipment life span.

  • Reduces icing on compressor coils.

  • Absorbs up to 99% of acetic acid gases, significantly reducing coil deterioration and increasing coil life expectancy. Acetic acid gases are mainly released into the chiller environment from sources such as vinaigrettes and cleaning chemicals.


  • Improves the workplace by providing a safer, drier, and cleaner chiller environment.

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What Our Customers Say

“Since installing the Humitech panels, our cold room has fewer odours, the air is cleaner and all fruit, vegetables and other green leaf produce stays fresher and lasts longer, even though we buy fresh each day.”
Richard Burt, Executive Chef & Owner, Ristorante Fellini, Gold Coast
“There is no question that the restaurant is better off with having the Humitech filters in our cool rooms, than not having them there.”
Chris Hansen, Executive Chef, Blue Train Restaurant, Southbank, Melbourne
“One of the most visual and immediately noticeable effects in the fact that our dairy products have no condensation on the packaging, the milk cartons/bottles are dry and much “cleaner” and presentable to our customers.”
Rick Berry, Manager, FoodWorks, Paradise Point, QLD
“Sceptical at first, we have now been using the HUMITECH Filters for almost a year and I must say that it really does work!. We are using the filters in our Meat/Deli cold room and we have noticed the following benefits.
Carol Streeter, Manager, FoodWorks, Sussex, NSW
“Not only does it keep the cold-box displays doors, in the retail portion of the store, free from fog, but I have also noticed a savings on my electric bill. The best result of all is the longevity of my flowers. Before the installation my Gerbers lasted about a week, but now they last more than two weeks.
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Florist, Darwin, NT
“Humitech Systems were installed and tested over several months as part of our Quality Control Management. I am pleased to report that our tests proved that the Humitech Systems tested in our pastry and seafood walk-in cold rooms.”
Danny Loone, Chief Engineer, Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast Australia
“I am amazed at how fresh the sweet products remained. The carrot cake tasted as fresh at 5 days as it did on day one. The cheesecake did not discolour or look dried out at 5 days. The slices also tasted good and looked fresh.”
Louise Lawson, Gloria Jeans, Williamstown