Who Uses It

Thousands of business around the globe benefit from installing Humitech Filters. 

HUMITECH’S 100% Natural Refrigeration Filters are utilised in the cold storage facilities of many different industries. Our customers all tend to have one thing in common – they are consistently looking for ways to improve their business, for both themselves and their customers.

HUMITECH is proud to be associated with a concept that offers so many benefits. HUMITECH Refrigeration Filters provide a solution to unnecessary day-to-day issues that face the hotel industry, restaurants and cafes, meat processors/butchers, supermarkets, florists and flower wholesalers, in fact anywhere that perishable products are stored in cold storage, including your own home refrigerator.

HUMITECH’s filter system can be simply and easily fitted to all types of old or new refrigeration equipment. The filters can be incorporated into HACCP/Food Safety Plans as an item assisting in maintaining the quality assurance standard within the cold chain.